6 Ultimate Tips To Learn Programming Faster

18thJanuary 2017

Whether you are currently pursuing degree in a computer science or related branch, a fresher who is searching Jobs in IT field, or a self-learned developer, having good programming skills is the need of the day. Here are the 5 tips which will help you to become a good programmer faster .

  • 1.Get hands dirty in the Codes .
  • In programming as sooner you start enjoying with codes, the faster you will grasp its concepts. When you open the book of Java or C, you start feel like this is a very big book to complete. So, what you do …Generally, you close the book by saying that I will open it tomorrow and this tomorrow never come.

    Hint: You should build your own project so that you have practical knowledge. It will be a milestone for your programming preparation.

  • 2. Fundamentals first
  • Are you from those kinds of people who are always in hurry. They want to get everything very fast as if they will miss their train. Get of it my friend because for learning programming you need little patience and hands on practice on it. So, this is better to start from scratch and go first with fundaments because becoming jack of all trades and master of none is not a good practice.

  • 3. Write code on paper also .
  • Obviously, you started learning programming on your laptop or any computer system but do you know that in some of the University exams and during techical interviews of Jobs ,the use of laptop or computer system is prohibited.

    Start practicing codes by using pen and paper also. It will make you more proficient in the language you are learning and you will learn the concepts easily. So, start reading the programming books and make own program on your notebooks. You will surely have benefitted by this old-school practice.

  • 4.Don’t hesitate to Ask for help.
  • It is really awesome as it would be to become the Next Mark Zuckerberg on your own, but the reality is that people always need mentors and friends to learn faster rather than stuck with a difficult problem for hours , it is better to ask anybody who is good in that.

  • 5. Prefer any book also while learning any new language
  • It is recommended to prefer any good writer book while learning any new language . So you will master the concept and you should watch any youtube video series of languages to learn while enjoying video.

  • 6. Always take some break while coding
  • It is very necessary to take break for sometime from debugging the code because sometime people get so much indulge in this that they forget about time given to their girlfriend/boyfriend for dinner tonight :D

    This is not good at all for the relationships , while taking break will make you refresh also .

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    Recommended Books

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