5 Ultimate reasons to Learn C language

19thJanuary 2017

C is a very simplest and powerful programming language for the computer world. Surely there is something special about C that in such Dynamic IT world where every day a new language come and some of them get obsolete soon, while C is serving us from 3 decades continuously.

  • 1.Stronger Foundation better Building .
  • C language is the mother of modern programming language like C++, Java and C#. So, starting from C is a good practice to make your programming foundation stronger. C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in AT & T’s Bell Laboratories in 1972.

  • 2. Easier to understand
  • Many good programmers believe that before learning Object Oriented Languages we should learn C so that we can understand the core concept behind the programming. So, that our foundational concept will become strong then we can move toward Unix learning or Java and C# like most widely used languages .

  • 3. Bigger Opportunities.
  • Most part of the Operating Systems like windows, Unix, Linux are written in C itself. So, if you want to work on these OS to add additional functionality or you want to create your own OS then you need to know about C.

  • 4. To know why we program
  • C allows us to direct contact with memory devices with its pointers functionality that’s why mostly system drivers are programmed in C. Mostly all devices have own CPU in-built like mobile, refrigerators, AC, laptops, these CPU functions work through embedded system programs which also created by C language.

  • 5.Middle Level Language
  • Do you know that C is a middle level programming language? Basically, the high-level language like Basic, java is user oriented because they provide faster development of programs and low level language are machine oriented so their execution speed is so fast while the middle level language is combination or both user and machine oriented languages with enormous opportunities.

  • Job Opportunities
  • There is so many opportunities in C . Many MNC ask C programming basics in the written and Technical both interviews. And many contest are always going online like challenges on HackerRank , HackerEarth etc .

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    Recommended Books

    This is a beginners book of C which is recommended by us . You will get the basics and fundamentals of the language easily .