5 Ultimate reasons to Learn C++

19thJanuary 2017

C++ is the one of most powerful language which allows you to use lots of system controls and resources so that design and development of many interesting software become possible. Performance wise it is good for developing game, game studios and desktop applications. Nowadays many games are running on this language itself.

  • 1.Stronger Foundation better Building .

  • Learning C++ will become easier if you already know about C language. While developing games in C++ take much expertise so we recommend you to go online tutorials on YouTube for learn it.

  • 2. Easier to understand

  • C++ deals with memory management and more which make it little bit complex to learn while practice can make you expert.

  • 3. Game Development.

  • C++ is used to create good graphics games in 3D. Many games which you have played in your childhood developed in C++. You can develop games by using cocos 2d-x, Visual Studio Direct X etc.

  • 4. Problem will be solve

  • C++ has a huge size of developer community. If you are learning C++, then no need to worry about the problems because on Stack Overflow, which is a programming Q & A website there are 69k followers of C++ so you can directly ask your problems there .

  • 5.Bigger Opportunities

  • Many software is built in C++ like Adobe Reader, Amazon.com, Chrome and etc. Even nowadays C++ is dealing with Virtual Reality Softwares . So it is pretty good to go for this well known language.

  • Job Opportunities

  • There is so many opportunities in C++ . Many MNC ask C++ programming basics in the written and Technical both interviews. And many contest are always going online like challenges on HackerRank , HackerEarth etc . If you will crack these challenges they will reward you with money and job.

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    Recommended Books

    C++ The Complete Reference

    This is a beginners book of C++ which is recommended by us . You will get the basics and fundamentals of the language easily .