5 Ultimate reasons to Learn .NET

19thJanuary 2017

.NET is a framework which is developed by Microsoft in which these languages are available-- C Sharp (C#), F Sharp (F#), Visual Basic and Visual C++ . C# is the one of most important language of this framework and it a cross platform language also which earier only supported Windows platform only but now we can even develop Android Apps by using C# with the help of the Xamarin Community tool.While on the other hand ASP.NET is used for websites and web app development . It is well known for its security features.

  • 1.Most in-demand language .
  • .NET is nowadays in demand for various reasons like development in it is easier and the support features are so good in it . C# is using in Artificial Language also for making various artificial machines . Many apps are doing well in market which are based on .NET like Cortana , Arrow Launcher , Hello etc.

  • 2. Easier to understand
  • .NET is well known for its user friendliness. While you have to write lots of code to get a full featured app in this framework languages like C# etc. While it is, a child play to find out the error in java language. It provides an optimized performance and fast running capacity it has.

  • 3. App Development.
  • You can learn C# under .NET framework to develop various application and games by using Visual Studio and Unity 3D game engine. Unity have very large game market in the world . Currently various game development companies like EA , Microsoft etc using Unity.

  • 4. Problem will be solve
  • .NET has a vast developer community. If you are learning it, then no need to worry about the problems. you can ask your problems on MSDN developer community , StackOverflow and for learning .NET languages there is a site name Microsoft Virtual Academy , which is best site by microsoft to help in learning.

  • 5.Bigger Opportunities
  • even mostly native android app build on .NET so we cant even count the contribution of C# , JavaScript , Visual C++ in our daily life .

  • Job Opportunities
  • Mostly MNC or start ups who recruit for .NET engineers ask C# programming basics in the written and Technical both interviews. And many contest are always going online like challenges on HackerRank , HackerEarth etc . If you will crack these challenges they will reward you with money and job.

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