5 Ultimate reasons to Learn HTML & CSS

20thJanuary 2017

HTML stands for Hypertext markup language which is used world widely for creating web pages.It was developed by Tim Burners Lee in late 1991. To start working in HTML you only need to know use Notepad . HTML is even so easy that non technical person can also understand it without understanding it properly sometimes .

  • 1.Most in-demand language Web Technologies .
  • HTML is in demand because of its simplicity .Currently it is used in almost web pages which are available on internet.HTML comes with JavaScript and CSS and for server side scripting it support for php and many other scripting languages. The html, head, and body elements have been part of the HTML specification since the mid 1990s, and up until a few years ago they were the primary elements used to give structure to HTML documents.

  • 2. Easier to understand
  • HTML is well known for its user friendliness. HTML is such easier that a fifth class student also know how to write html file and its tag. Same for the CSS , CSS is basically use for designing and coloring purpose in HTML documents.

  • 3.Web App Development.
  • HTML newer version has arrived which is known as HTML 5 and it is very famous for its responsive behaviour and many new features. Even with the help of HTML 5 and CSS 3 we can build android applications also on Cordova platform.So nowadays HTML demand is increasing continously .

  • 4. Problem will be solve
  • HTML has a vast developer community. If you are learning it, then no need to worry about the problems. you can ask your problems on Youtube HTML Video Series which are in many languages . While StackOverflow , W3School , chegg are the best platform to ask any query .

  • 5.Bigger Opportunities
  • HTML and CSS were developed for web designing and it has done its role very effectively . World all most websites are running on these.

  • Job Opportunities
  • Web technologies like html , CSS and JavaScript are more in demand nowadays.

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    Recommended Books

    HTML 5 Black Book

    This is a beginners book of Java which is highly recommended by us . You will get the basics and fundamentals of the language easily .