5 Ultimate reasons to Learn Java

19thJanuary 2017

Java is a very simple and powerful object oriented language which is developed to make easier the complexity of C++. It was created by James Gosling from Sun Microsystem which is now a subsidiary of Oracle in 1991. It has a cross platform environment to run its code it is a platform independent language which can run on any OS like windows, MAC, Linux etc.

  • 1.Most in-demand language .
  • Java is currently most widely used language in the world which is used by top Fortune 500 companies for desktop and web application development. Many famous application work on Java like Oracle etc. .500 million devices run on java platform according to Oracle report.

  • 2. Easier to understand
  • Java is well known for its user friendliness. While you have to write lots of code to get a full featured app in java. While it is, a child play to find out the error in java language. It provides an optimized performance and fast running capacity it has.

  • 3. App Development.
  • Nowadays android era is going so the demand of java is increasing day by day because Android app develop by Java and XML languages . So if want to develop any app for smartphone then you should start learning java fisrt then you can go for android .

  • 4. Problem will be solve
  • Java has a vast developer community. If you are learning it, then no need to worry about the problems. you can ask your problems on Youtube Java Video Series which are in many languages . MakeMeraWeb has started in Hindi also . While StackOverflow , Facebook community of java , chegg are the best platform to ask any query .

  • 5.Bigger Opportunities
  • even mostly native android app build on java so we cant even count the contribution of java in our daily life . Nowadays life is becoming earier because of various helpful app arrived in various fields like in banking , security , education , entertainment and many more. So it is pretty good to go for this well known language.

  • Job Opportunities
  • According to TIOBE Index Java is the most popular language of the world so it is quite easy to get job in Java if you are expert in its frameworks. Mostly MNC ask Java programming basics in the written and Technical both interviews. And many contest are always going online like challenges on HackerRank , HackerEarth etc . If you will crack these challenges they will reward you with money and job.

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    Recommended Books

    The Complete Reference

    This is a beginners book of Java which is highly recommended by us . You will get the basics and fundamentals of the language easily .